Yubu on East 7th Street Review | Great Casual Korean Dinner Place

Yubu opened on East 7th Street about a month ago. Street is a small place that can only be ordered. Counter and perhaps two customers inside. That’s okay, because there are plenty of them. There is only one item on the menu: yubuchobap or fried bean curd Pockets stuffed with vinegared sushi rice. But “yubu,” it is. This abbreviated version is the best vehicle for any and all kinds of Rich and rich toppings for a base that provides plenty of flavor and heft. This allows the main ingredient to shine.

During the a Recent visit by Jason Kim, co-owner, Gothamist: “There aren’t a lot of.” There are many Korean restaurants that offer quick and delicious Korean food in the city. Tofu pockets are a great way to allow people to try different kinds of tofu You can enjoy Korean food without spending $20-30 for a complete dish.

Max Bang, the chef and co-owner of Yubuchobap, has a dozen options. Each item priced at $3.50 and less based on how much my experience with them Six-pack was the latest, so you can order with confidence from any location Follow your instincts. For example, the Beef Bulgogi struck the It strikes the perfect balance between its slightly sweet and savory seasonings. Sauces were delicious and the meat was tender and nicely charred. Right through. The same goes for the Pork Jaeyook. It’s a pleasure to add a little kimchi and fiery chilies to the mix.

Continue reading The vegan Spicy Mushroom version contains heat and heartiness. You can also enjoy funky fungi with a Bulgogi Take. There are There are many fish options available, including a delicious Spicy Tuna Yubu. Prepared as a tuna salad with lots mayo, a Crabmeat, or a chunky Salmon and a Myungran Mayo Yubu made with flying fish Roe. It sounds delicious, but I was bummed that I didn’t give it a try.

The Yubu has a variety of sparkling juices in its drinks department. Yuja Ade is infused with honey, citron, as well as Maesil Ade. With Asian green plum. My beverage was sweetened with Asian green plum. Selection, and sucking down a delicious Dalgona Milk Coffee Topped with enough honeycomb sponge candy from the house to make it as functional dessert. This can also be made with tea.

Yubu can be found at 86 East 7th Street just west of First Avenue. The store is open Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday, 11 a.m. 8 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. (646-891-0116; yubu.nyc)

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