4 Easy Ways to Save Money When Traveling!

There are many people who can help you, from students to parents to busy professionals. People feel that they aren’t capable of achieving their globetrotting goals for a variety of reasons. True, but it is often due to the price tag.

Traveling can be expensive. You will need to pay for your accommodation, airfare and other expenses. Activities – There are many other ways to travel that can be used to save money. You can have new experiences, and you can follow your wanderlust.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, it can work.

In fact, depending on your destination, you might even spend less You will see the world more than you can staying in your home.

These 4 ways will change your life!

How to get to your location

Most destinations are most expensive in summer. It doesn’t matter if it’s It is possible to travel off-season. Europe is a great place to visit. Perfect in the “shoulder season”, April through June September through October Places are more pleasant, but the weather is generally better Avoid being crowded and you will save lots of money.

It is a skill that can be learned at any given moment how to get cheap flights. Year. Be patient. Find a good deal This means that you will need to do serious research.

These are my top tips for finding cheap fights

  • Use the Hopper App and keep an eye on deals when they arise
  • Check out the low-fare calendar of airlines
  • Check Skyscanner to compare fares
  • Consider indirect flights and nearby airports.
  • Avoid paying extra fees like choosing my seat, priority board, and checked bags

If you’re debating the best way to travel, check out the Rome2 Rio Website. It will compare bus, train and air options, as well as ferry and rideshare options. You can choose what makes sense for you trip. Remember this Sometimes transportation can be combined (for example, train and plane). It is often the most affordable option.

Multi-way passes are a great option for ground travel. Europe is home to some amazing sights Deals that will allow you to see the continent for a fraction of the price For some great deals on wanderlust, check out the Interflix Euro Bus Pass or Eurail Pass.

HELPFUL TIPYou have been searching for a job and are looking to make a career change? Travel reward credit cards are recommended. I recommend that you apply before you make a big purchase. Trip or purchase Earning points that you can use are some of the greatest benefits. Get free flights and hotel stays Many cards also offer additional points When making travel-related purchase. Some cards offer travel discounts. Protection when you use the card to pay for a travel.

For frequent travelers, my personal favorite is Chase Sapphire Reserve. If you are just beginning, the Chase Sapphire Preferred is a good option. Check it out! Check out my favorite travel reward credit cards!

Budget Accommodation

Airbnb is my favorite. You’ll find lodging cheaper than hotels (and I can get you this Airbnb discount!). You can even save money if you have a kitchen you can cook in.

For more amazing places to live like a local, and explore incredible neighborhoods, you should also visit VRBO and Homestay.com.

Consider hostels as well, and keep in mind that many do offer private rooms! Check out my post on the truth about staying in a hostel if you’re debating whether the experience is right for you.

Look for hotels that are centrally located in order to enjoy a comfortable stay. They are often closer to the city centre, and they are generally cheaper.

There are many great public transportation options and rooms tend to be less expensive.


Taxis can be expensive, so I use Uber whenever possible. available. Metros are often the most convenient way to travel. I highly recommend them. Underground travel is possible in most major cities.

Google Maps offers public transit options that work in all major cities. Simply type where you’d like to go, and it will show you exactly which area. You will need to use busses and lines to get there

Walking is a great way to get around, especially in Europe.

Many big cities offer easy and cheap bike rentals. Pick up the bike and ride it around the city. These bikes are easy to find. Share programs when you are abroad


How you arrange your day can make or break it budget. My best memories are actually from adventures. didn’t cost a dime!

Here are some ways to save money on activities

  • Avoid expensive toursAudio books and guides can be downloaded. Listen to where you are going. You can even get some free apps This will allow you to explore at your own pace.
  • Ask for a discount:Look out for special rates that are available to seniors, students, children, groups, and others. Asking is always a good idea!
  • Make sure to check online for special deals and discounts before you go:Groupon is a worldwide site that offers huge discounts and provides a wide range of services. You can also find information on local events through them.
  • Explore Free Activities and MuseumsMany tourist attractions offer free admission on selected days. There are many free activities in major cities.
  • Take an all-inclusive sightseeing tour: You are visiting the country for the first time, and you know that you want to see everything. Consider city passes or hop-on/hop off buses that will take you wherever you need to go Everywhere

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