St. Joseph

John Collier, Dallas, TX

St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Workers, foster-father of Jesus and spouse of the Virgin Mary, honors all those workers who left their homes on a beautiful late summer morning just to go to work at the World Trade Center to provide for their families.  He evokes all the men who died that day: grandfathers, fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, uncles and nephews.  St. Joseph is an apt patron for all workers, whether they work with their hands or their heads, because a carpenter is one whose work must have an integrity and honestry about it.  All the measurements must be true, all the angles right, or the object that is being constructed will simply fall apart.  On the back of Joseph the foundry workers who cast these bronze statues have inscribed their names, witnessing their satisfaction and pride to having had a role in this project, and representing all those who were involved are not listed.