St. Michael the Archangel

                                                                              Artist: John Collier, Dallas, TX

St. Michael the Archangel, Patron Saint of Police Officers honors the officers - NY City Police and Port Authority Police - who gave their lives attempting rescue, those who engaged in the physically and emotionally exhausting work of recovery, and those who continue to protect us each day.  The artist originally intended the head of the serpent/Satan to be the head of St. Michael, but it was deformed in the casting process.  He decided instead to use it as the head of Satan, drawing upon the theme found in Christian tradition that the devil is a misshapen or fallen angel.  We are thus reminded of the ever-present possibility of our fall from grace.  We also remember that as we confront the forces of evil, we must always strive to fight on the side of the angels, never resorting under the threat of expediency to the tactics of our enemies.